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Re: [IP] bolasing at school/parents of pumpers

>Just curious why kids need a watch/alarm to remind them to bolas.  Eating
>anything is our reminder to bolas.  No eat, no bolas.  Eat=bolas.

I wanted to reply to this by saying "because kids are kids", but y'know
what? I'm at least TECHNICALLY a grownup, & I've forgotten to bolus more
than once during the past glorious month of life as a pumper!  While it does
seem very "cut-&-dried" common sense that "Eat=bolus", we don't all remember
things the same way, & not all of us make the same automatic mental
connections.  The times I did forget, the goofy thing was that I DID write
down in my little record book the bolus amount...I just neglected to
actually push the button to do it!!  The sequence of events that goes with a
school meal (yes, for teachers, too) that can include assembling the items
you need to take with you (lunch or money you've brought, glucometer if
permitted, coat & such if going outside for recess, whistle & first aid kit
if you are so fortunate as to be the teacher with playground duty :)  )
traveling to cafeteria,  standing in line, getting aforementioned food &/or
drink, finding a place to sit, dealing with the odd & unexpected things such
as loudspeaker announcements, fire drills, the kid in front of you dropping
his tray & the ones behind you starting to fight...the mealtime environment
in most schools I've experienced (quite a few, between regular teaching jobs
& prior substitute experience) is by its very nature a sort of controlled
chaos.  If I were a parent I would definitely be packing those little "did
you bolus?" notes & investing in the multiple alarm watch that was mentioned
a fews ago!

I didn't mean to get so long-winded about this...it's just that it made me
stop & wonder how I DO manage to forget, & I don't know if some parents out
there realize how complicated school life can be for a child at times-
pretty much every day!!  My thanks (on behalf of your children, who may not
always remember to mention it!) to all the parents on here who work so hard
to make their children's lives better, who fight the policies that need
changed, & who take the time to write those notes in the lunchbox...YOU are
the reason your kids are going to succeed, because you give them such a
strong foundation to build their lives from.  I love reading the posts from
Holly, Curtis (where have you been lately?), Ruth, Renee, Deborah, Mag,
Michael, Stacey, & so many others that reassure me that there are good
parents out there, looking out for their children & teaching them how to
"survive & thrive"- don't forget to stop & give yourself that well-deserved
pat on the back once in a while!

: )

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