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[IP] 508 info from MM rep today

I called the California number and spoke to a rep today.  The 508 cost is 
$5,495 and does include the remote.  The pump has a 4 year guarentee, the 
remote has a 6 monthe guarentee.  The remote is keyed to each pump.  A new or 
additional remote costs $99.  (I forgot to ask if there is a "finder"  beep 
on the remote in case you lose it...like my cordless phone).  It comes with a 
clip too.  I asked if there were any optional additional features and she 
said no, so I think that the "vibrate" is likely just a built in setting 

The com station is still not available.

The 508 comes in charcoal, blue, a green/teal color, and pearl white.

Why they don't just put this on the web page is beyond me.

Also, they DO still have 507c stock for $4995 until they sell it down.  
Sooooooo, if you're in the market, jumping too fast may mean a 507c to your 

This is just the phone info I got from the rep.  Don't hold me to it!!!!


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