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[IP] Re: Re: Insurance/Pump Upgrade

LOL, the pump takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  It HAS a damaged LCD for 
about 2 years, though you can still read it and it works.   The casing has 
dings and nicks.  The sportguard failed in a minor way this summer and water 
condensation formed in the case...but again it still works.  I don't care how 
it looks nor what color it is.  HOWEVER, my endo and I think that the square 
wave and dual wave features should help get my A1c lower, and I think the 
profiles will help also.  It IS going to die someday,  but I want to "go the 
distance" and force the insurers to acknowledge that the advent of humalog 
makes for better control for me, but that with these other features I think 
that I can do even better.  And that one doesn't have to wait for a piece of 
DME to die to replace or update it if better care through newer technology is 

Interestingly, my primary, Health Alliance in IL, did NOT buy the one I have 
anyway.  And, according to Minimed, they said that if the pump dies I'll just 
have to pay for it to be repaired as they don't cover repairs to DME.  My 
seconday, United Healthcare, will only cover it if I "outgrow" my DME or my 
"condition" changes.  I might be able to do something with some analogies on 
this one.

Will keep you posted.

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