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Pat, the softserter kind are the best! Be sure to hold down the "wings" when 
you remove the inserter device.(The whole thing with the needle has slipped 
out on me before.) I always put a piece of tape over the button, to make 
sure it stays in. I have a little "pot belly" (my fatty area.) That is my 
favorite place. Above the belly button and my sides there's no fat and it is 
more uncomfortable there to wear it in those areas although I know 
eventually I'll have to use those areas.---Wendy from Arizona. Pumping since 
Jan 1999.

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>Subject: Re: [IP] DAY # 1 - ALARMS  GO OFF!
>Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 07:50:04 EDT
>Hi Everyone....
>Well, I dont go "live" with Humalog until tomorrow, but I already had the
>alarm sound three times!   I suppose I got a little carried away with
>practicing audio boluses!  Last evening, at three different times the alarm
>went off and the error message was "no delivery".
>I called Minimed support and Brenda the support tech was sooo nice!  She
>spent close to an hour with me  talking me through the corrections.  First 
>all, we ruled out pump malfunction so it became apparent that it was the 
>(I had put it in that morning with the help of my pump trainer)
>As I took off the tape, it was apparent that the cannula had slipped out (I
>used the MM Soft Set- the one with the inserter)
>Well......all's well that ends well....we filled a new syringe with saline,
>primed it and replaced the SoftSet and things seem to be fine.
>My question is:  where do you put your inserts?  I had mine above my
>waist.......anybody have a favorite insert site?  Do the sets with the
>plastic cannulas slip out easier than others?   Any advise is appreciated!
>and her 507C "Pumpkin"
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