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[IP] The Time It Takes To Recover From A Hypo - Help!

I am having difficulty bouncing back from hypoglycemic
episodes as fast as I did in my 20s. I am now 33, and
a reaction 50 or below seems to put me in an
exhausted/clumsy/wiped out mode for 10-15 hours after
it takes place. In my 20s these episodes were no
problem, get some sugar in my system and keep on
trucking. For example, this morning I was 36 @ 3:50
a.m., treated the reaction appropriately, and could
hardly get out of bed this morning because I was
exhausted. This has caused me to be late for work and
not perform like normal once I arrive. 

I thought about calling my endo, but I haven't found a
lot of support there -- probably would get an answer
like, You need to avoid lows. ( I only have these once
a week or less and can't tie them to any one
event/mistake -- they will stop when perfection hits
my brain.)  Am I a wimp or has anyone else experienced
this sort of change after being diabetic for years?
Please send suggestions, advice, and a kick in the
rear, if I need it.

Andrea Seitz
Diabetic 30 of 33 years
Happy To Be Pumping for Months :] 


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