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[IP] Re: Drivers License - Other states - If in AZ read


Well, I should now by now, but as usual I was took quick to jump.  This person who got their
license suspended can be a bit dramatic and un clear.  The real pooper scooper:

It was her Endo that reported her for one low blood sugar incident in which she called her
endo and the paramedics.  This bothered me for now I though, I can't mention any severe lows
to my doc.  Well fortunately I was meeting with my doctor yesterday who is a native of AZ and
I asked her.  She told me that there is a law, but doctors only need to report people that are
not "taking care of themselves".  Like say I was having a lot of lows and she told me to make
changes but I didn't, and then she tells me again and I still ignore her advice, and then I
cause an accident.  Then she must by law report me.  I hope this makes sense.  I can see where
a law like this may be in many states.  Oh and it's not just for diabetics.    I was also at a
meeting last night and it was asked of the coordinator and she ( who I believe and trust )
said the same thing my doctor had said.

I really believe that my friend being reported was personal as does she now.  Both her and I
have been very vocal in AZ and trying to make a difference. I got black balled and she lost
her license.

Like that famous person said ( I think Newton ) "Great spirits have always encountered violent
opposition from mediocre minds"


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