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Re: [IP] Inhaled Insulin

At 01:56 PM 10/6/1999  email @ redacted wrote:

><< I don't see any advantage to
>  inhaled insulin -- you have to carry around this clunky device,  >>
>Isn't the pump a clunky device? and you sometimes have to take it out in
>front of people .. so it might not make a difference to some people if it
>works .. I agree with the other stuff that was said just found that statement
>funny :-)

Yeah, but with a pump you can usually operate it fairly discretely. Except, 
of course, those women that wear the pump in their bra or those that use 
that "thigh thing" (grabbing those locations might look a little funny in 
public, if you're trying to bolus). :-)

I don't think you can unobtrusively snort some insulin from an inhaler in a 
restaurant. And if you wear your inhaler on your belt... it sure won't look 
like a pager. <vbg>


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