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[IP] today, re: hang in there

Hi Ruth--
 I know, I know. Today had some site changes/probs
again today and the infection's antibiotics aren't
working so well...at lesat that's what i"m assuming.
yesterday my bg highest was 292, most under 230. Today
i've been over 250 almost all day so I figure it's my
infection, have changed site b/c it was old, then i
went to 320, so now i hve another site in... 
 To whoever mentioned eyes, I hate to agree, but my
eyes don't quite feel right lately and my contacts get
dried much faster, i'm sure it's b/c of the bg but the
docs aren't worried about bg..i wnated to control the
bg, they wanted to find the problem..(which still have
NOT gotten lab results, it better be a uti otherwise
we are lost) but the doc was more worried about the
painetc. Today has been higher, but i figure i can't
do much about it, i can't tell my body...use the
insulin!! ya know, and it's not consistent so i'm
scared of a temp basal being that lows still come
without warning.

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