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Re:[IP] Different insulin's

>were wondering about the "poor man's pump" until we can get on the pump.

A word of warning about long acting insulins...
My husband Shane has been using lente/ultralente along with
humalog/regular for many years. While it does help to give more of a
baseline, you cannot be very flexible with your schedule. Once it is in
your system, you are stuck with it. When it peaks at lunchtime, you had
better be getting food soon or there will be a low.  Also, you want to
try and take it at the same time every night once you have it timed to
cooincide with the Dawn phenomenon or you will get those horrible
nightime lows. If you know that Taylor will be eating at the same time
every day, and you know in advance how much he will be eating, then it
could be a good idea. But if mealtimes and activity levels often change
from day to day then you will have to be careful. I am not saying its a
bad idea-Shane has done this for many years, but the total lack of
flexibility is what finally persuaded him to try the pump. For sure keep
looking for a good doctor, because if he doesn't like/know about pumps,
then maybe he doesn't know enough about diabetes in general. Good luck!
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