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[IP] Inhaled Insulin

Holly Nelson wrote:
>  The Dr we saw yesterday (which
> I wouldn't have gone to if our Endo wouldn't have moved out of state), said
> Taylor may not want to think of D all the time, and the pump may be a dead
> end item if the inhaled insulin comes out. 

I wouldn't be holding my breath :) for inhaled insulin!!!

I can't believe it would work reliably enough, especially for people who
have respiratory problems with increased mucus in the nose or lungs. 

And, having been tied to asthma inhalers, I don't see any advantage to
inhaled insulin -- you have to carry around this clunky device, and pull
it out and breathe in on it twice in front of everybody, and hold your
breath for a bit, interrupting whatever else you're doing -- anything
but discreet!! I honestly prefer shots to an inhaler! But then, I
honestly prefer the pump to shots.

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