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Re: [IP] Different insulin's


prior to pumping, for about a year,  geneva used the poor man's pump
regimens of ultralente and lente   (lente at breakfast , ultralente at
dinner)   and it DRAMATICALLY  affected her control.  it was very similar to
pumping aside from not being able to fine tune.

 she hardly needed any H at lunchtime...great for school!   we covered her
snacking after school with quite a few injections of H and of course at
dinner.  she did not have the lows in the early morning and around 10 am at
school...( a big problem with NPH)we alway used cornstarch in shakes at
bedtime, though.  this helped.


> Is there a correlation when switching from N to U?  We are not on the pump
> yet, do not have an adequate endo to place us on the pump and were
> about the "poor man's pump"

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