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[IP] Ketosis/ketoacidosis

Okay, so ketosis is a lack of glucose and ketoacidosis is a lack of insulin
to process glucose, right?
So as long as blood sugars are good, mild ketones might not be bad if you
know you've had really intense exercise lately or no carbs all day?

The weird thing about DKA is that some people don't 'feel' it as bad as
others... I don't even show traces of ketones unless I am over 500
(discovered by a site clog - first ketones in years).  I also don't remember
being nauseous or throwing up when diagnosed, and my blood sugar (I think)
was like over 1500!  (yes, I was *very* bad off by then - a doctor didn't do
a urinalysis the week before even though I showed all the classic signs, so
by the time another week went by, with mom pumping sugar into me to 'gain
weight', well....)

For me being high or on the verge of ketones gives me only one symptom right
off the bat - extreme thirst.  The nausea sets in at about 400 - but even
with that "over 500" incident a few weeks back, I didn't feel nauseous...


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