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Re: [IP] Don't give Dads a bad rap!!!! :)

Hey Natalie you don't know the half of it (that Y half) *S*.  It's not that
we guys don't care, its just that we don't worry.  So they're a little
high, got a little cold,  stuck at school for a while with no ride
home--not to worry,,, kids are tough.  Builds character :-),, toughest
steel going though the hottest fire, etc, etc.
We're not afraid to try things, just afraid of mom.  Men can and do try
lots of things, just not when they're in mom's way.   No one gets in mom's
way *S*

<<<<<<<From: "Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted>
I agree that Dads often leave child-care to Moms, but they really do
love their children -- and the problem MIGHT be the "I'm afraid I might
break the baby" syndrome!!
I remember my ex-husband being afraid to hold our newborn, and that's
where the name comes from.
If the father is conscientiously calling about boluses and BGs, then I
think he IS doing his best, and maybe just too afraid to try it on his
own. Men often can't come out and say they're afraid to try things, and
so they shuffle it off. It doesn't mean they don't care.
It's tough being a Dad!!

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