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Re: [IP] 6 year old on pump

Hi Laura,

I also have an almost 6 yr old on the pump.  He also requested the pump 
(after a few subtle hints dropped by Mom and Dad :) ).  I had the same 
thoughts you had, but believe me, I doubt very much that your daughter will 
want to give it up.  Jack loves not having to take shots, eating whatever and 
whenever he wants and just plain feeling better.  Imagine, for 5 days in a 
row, he had NO blood sugars under 85 and only 2 slightly over 200!!  When 
have you ever had that happen on shots?  He was a little nervous the day the 
Mini-Med instructor came to teach us the pump, but we had him go to a 
friend's to play.  He was fine by the time we had to insert the pump.  If 
your daughter does decide she doesn't like the pump; don't  make a big deal, 
just throw it in a drawer for a while.  I'm betting that she'll ask for it 
again once she's back on shots.  Also, we were prepared to tell Jack that he 
had to try it for a month because we were convinced that it would take about 
that long for him to really feel good and understand the benefits.  We 
thought we'd offer a really good incentive (like a new bike) if he complied.  
 Fortunately for our bank account, he loved the pump right off and we never 
had to make the deal!

Happy pumping!

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