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Re: [IP] ketosis

  I once had a friend from diabetic camp who stopped her insulin for one year 
.. Danced 12 hrs a day and keep her sugars at 200 she also stopped eating she 
not only became anorexic she also had ketosis and loss of hair and just 
everything it was not detected until camp I remember how she looked .. WOW .. 
I had never heard this until camp .. but kids tended to know more than me I 
learned all the tricks there because we had to watch the kids .... For 
example a lot of the kids at 8 PM snack was given and they knew if they were 
under 120 they would get double snack .. so they would wipe the achol from 
there swab and onto the cotton ball that would wipe their chemstrip the achol 
made the test read lower... or if they wipe achol alot on their finger and 
the blood went though it that also did it .. there are many tricks that I 
never heard of until I went to camp as an adult and counselor ...

 It interest me that many kids saw there diabetes as bad .. in all my years 
though I did not like my diabetes I found no reason to harm myself .. or not 
to follow the rules .. I am not sure why this is ? . anyway ... long story 
short ... a lot of times  have heard of mostly girls doing this I think 
because society is so messed up today ... for non diabetic so why could we 
not imagine it will affect our diabetic daughters.. I think it is up to us 
"old timers" to help them along anyone disagree? I have done talks with 
teenagers about their health .. anyway I have a lot more thought on this but 
this is getting to long so I will stop now :-) Julie 
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