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Re: [IP] First week pumping!

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> Josh just completed his first week pumping.  I know it will take time (and 
> patience) to get the basals and boluses worked out.  Thanks to this list, I 
> was not expecting it to be all smooth sailing and we have hit a little bit of 
> rough water.   His sites are lasting 48 hours and then his blood sugars go 
> up.

If you continue to see the pattern of rising bg's on day 2 of a set, 
please consider trying an H/V mix or temporarily switching to Velosulin 
to confirm or disprove a Humalog sensitivity instead of fighting with 
possible infusion site problems. It's easy and solves the problem if he 
has a sensitivity.

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