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[IP] RE: Re Value Of Insulin-Pumpers Web Site.

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Alan Reed.

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From:	alan reed [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent:	06 October 1999 13:33
To:	email @ redacted
Subject:	Re Value Of Insulin-Pumpers Web Site.


With respect to your query re the value of the 'Insulin-Pumpers' web site,
list and 'workgroup' to companies such as MiniMed, I have the following

The list is probably the most important and valuable source of independent
information for people who are considering the use of Insulin Pumps both in
the USA and overseas, as for example in Australia and New Zealand. Whilst
some members may show bias for, or against, the pump model they are using,
the opinions and help given is invaluable and at times appears life saving.
Access to expert professional help is not always available. For example the
one MiniMed consultant in Australia gives excellent service, however it is
impossible for her to cover 24 hours per day, every day in the year.

In my own case if I had not had access to the 'Insulin-Pumpers" list and
workgroup, it is questionable if I would have maintained interest in and use
of the MiniMed 507 pump.  It was the information that I obtained from the
group that helped me to sell the idea to my endo.

Additionally I would have thought that companies such as yours would also
find the groups email messages a valuable source of information re problems,
difficulties and possible future developments in respect to equipment,
supplies and assistance.

Alan Reed..

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