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[IP] Need help with insurance ..getting a new pump upgrade

Hi all, have been off the list awhile due to my lack of computer skills and 
the consequent internet fallout while trying to install a software program.  

To the point.  I've had the MM 506 for 6 1/2 years now.  Since then Humalog 
has come along , much to my delight, but my endo felt that I'd get better 
control with the square wave and dual wave features.  My primary (Health 
Alliance HMO) turned it down, though I don't have the paperwork myself, 
telling the MM rep that DME coverage does not cover equipment upkeep and 
repairs and they see no need for the new pump.  My secondary (United 
HealthCare) also denied it, in writing, indicating that their DME policy only 
allows for new DME if the condition change warrents it or growth requires it 
(are we talking about wheelchairs or pumps here!).  Now that the 508 has come 
out, I am ready to take them on, since I really wanted the different profiles 
too.  The remote is nice, but I haven't seem prices yet.

So here's the question....I would like input from the list on what has worked 
for you to get a pump update whle the old one is functioning though out of 
warrenty.  I truely think that I'll get better control, so I plan on using 
the DCCT stats to justify some of this.  Any other ideas? 

Please send both to the list as well as to me personally so that I don't miss 
any advice from all of you.  Thanks in advance.

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