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Re: [IP] Been High For 11 Days Now

Megan, Amy, and whoever else may be having this problem...I completely 
understand!!  There was a period of a week this summer where I was 300-500 
constantly.  I was taking double the amount of Humalog I normally take, with 
no result.  It took me being physically ill as a result of the high sugars to 
demand a new pump from Minimed.  All the self-tests came out okay, but 
Minimed said there may be a problem that it not showing up.  It is possible.  
So, maybe you could call Minimed and ask them for a loaner pump while you 
have them check out what might be wrong with yours??  (If you have Minimed, 
that it.  I don't know if Disetronic might do this too.)
    There is a very important reason you should get this taken care of as 
soon as possible.  I will tell you what happened to me...three weeks after 
this incident was taken care of, I went to the opthamologist (is that what 
they are called?) to have the dialated exam done.  He found spots in my 
retinas, which he said may possibly go away on their own, or they may worsen. 
 Only time will tell.  However, when I told him about my problem with the 
pump and the high sugars, he told me that could very well be the reason why 
the spots appeared.  In 17 yrs with diabetes, I have not had eye problems, 
and last year my eyes were in perfect condition.  He said the spots in my 
eyes looked very new...and a week with sugars like that could very well lead 
to those problems in my eye.  He did say it is probably nothing...but who 
wants to deal with something like that?  He scheduled an appointment to check 
them in February...so now I have four long agonizing months of waiting to see 
if they improve or not.  All I'm saying is...get it checked out as soon as 
humanly possible...because those high sugars could be doing some damage!  
Sorry if I am scaring you, but I want to let you know what could happen (it 
is happening to me!)  If you have any questions, you can email me privately 
if you want.  Kelly (email @ redacted)
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