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[IP] Why support IP?

I imagine you're getting a flood of mail!

The benefit to MiniMed of supporting Insulin Pumpers are many, and the
company is, in fact, already receiving most of them.

The thing that immediately springs to mind is the ability of the pumpers
here to answer questions, thus lightening the burden on your technical
staff. If we all called MiniMed every time we had a question, you would
most likely have to hire additional staffers to man the phone lines. 

Secondly, when people sign on to the list with questions about pumping
in general, and MiniMed pumps in particular, the people here are able to
answer those questions. In fact, they answer them FAR better than your
sales reps do.

I say this because I have a MiniMed pump, and I have had conversations
with your sales reps, your tech staff, AND the people on this list, and
this list has, by far, been the most helpful of the three resources. I'm
not the only one who has had this experience 

Third, the IP web page is a general source of information about pumping
for people who don't have time to read the list, but who are exploring
the option of pumping. 

It has been my experience that people who are LIVING diabetes are a much
better source of information and support than all the professionals in
the world, for a couple of reasons: they are readily available, they
have hands-on experience, and there are so many of them. In fact, the
AADE is considering developing a program to certify peer mentors for
just that reason. 

Perhaps it's time for MiniMed to acknowledge the support it gets from
this list by making a donation to keep it running; we are one of your
best referral sources!

Thanks for your attention, 
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