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[IP] First week pumping!

Josh just completed his first week pumping.  I know it will take time (and 
patience) to get the basals and boluses worked out.  Thanks to this list, I 
was not expecting it to be all smooth sailing and we have hit a little bit of 
rough water.   His sites are lasting 48 hours and then his blood sugars go 
up.  He started on the pump last Tuesday, went to school on Wednesday and 
then was off for four days.  He 'grazed' during those four days and I told 
him we would never get a handle on how he is doing if he didn't just eat 
meals and then see how his blood sugars were.  He told me that's what school 
days are for. LOL  He went back to school yesterday and his meter died as 
soon as he got to school.  I had to go buy a new one after work- so no blood 
sugars for 12 hours.  At any rate, he is thrilled with the pump and I think 
it is great and will only get better when we get all the details figured out. 
 I am so proud of him and how he is handling all this.  At times I wondered 
if he would be able to do everything required, but he has shown me that he is 
more than capable.  I guess I'm just being an overprotective mom, but he is 
the youngest of six kids and the 'baby' (even though he just turned 16).
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