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Re: [IP] carbs in protein?

According to my dietitian, 60% of protein is converted into carbs. If
you eat a hefty chunk of concentrated protein, you should see a rise in
BGs about 4 - 8 hours after you eat.

In addition, fat increases insulin resistance, so you might find
yourself needing more insulin than usual if you eat a high-fat meal,
even if the carb count does not change. (That's where the idea that Type
2's should eat low-cat comes from). 

I'm sure this is another YMMV issue, but I have found that setting a
temporary basal for 4 hours after I eat, amounting to 0.5 to 1 unit per
hour in ADDITION to my normal basal usually takes care of it. If, at the
end of the 4 hours, I'm still a little high, I can usually bolus it down
quite readily. 

Other people would surely need different amounts and different time
frames, but at least this might be food for thought!

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