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[IP] re: hang in there

Hi Maureen--
 I definitely see what you're saying. It wasn't the
pump's fault, I was mad at the diabetes, but that
wasn't the problem, it was the infection complicating
the diabetes. Originally thought it was a D
prob..insulin wouldn't work, ketones coming and going,
then found out it was a uti. Only got worse, so it was
a diabetes or stomach problem..looking like stomach
prob, and it was frustrating..is, but the hassles do
add up. I can say this, I would swing daily from
20-400, 500 frequently even on shots...past few days
when I was 40-400 daily didn't seem like an
improvement over shots..but i had to remember that
wasn't the pump, but it was/is scary not having long
term insulin b/c if you're starting off high and
insulin (shot/pump) isn't bringing you down and you
know you don't have any lente on board, you're in for
a long ride. It actually wasn't the diabetes, although
allt he stuff about it complicating/causing infections
and supposedly I felt worse b/c of the diabetes than a
normal person,yada yada yada, but i guess it just
depends on the circumstances...I couldn't call any
friends, first off I was crying (and trying to reach
someone about pumping), and second off they don't know
much abuot the pump so they wouldn't have been much
 Today's going better, highest bg was only 292, and
most are 150-230, high for me, but better than
300-400, so maybe these pills are workign...knock on
wood, already had that happen then stop!
 Anyhow, thanks for the email

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