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From: Bagwill Family <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 8:09 AM
Subject: www.insulin-pumpers.org

>Dear Mr.  Hoese:
>    I currently use a Minimed 507 insulin pump.  The IP list has been so
>beneficial to me.  If a pump user has a concern or problem they simply ask
>the list and usually receive several answers which can be very helpful.  We
>are also kept abreast of the latest and greatest things that Minimed is
>doing.  I have found out about the 508 and the micro softset infusion set
>through the insulin pumpers site.  I currently do not use softsets as the
>cannula was too long.  However, I may once again try them with the way the
>micro softset sounds.  Several of the people on our list were in trials
>the micro and several others have done the trials for the continuous blood
>glucose monitor.  This is all information which is very helpful to pump
>users in general and to Minimed in a marketing sense.  People considering
>pump use often come to the list and ask questions about both disetronic and
>minimed.  By being able to "talk" with so many people actually using the
>products it allows them to make a much better choice for thier own
>I believe it would be very beneficial for Minimed to donate to the Insulin
>Pumpers site.  I have.
>Thank you.
>Leslie Bagwill

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