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Re: [IP] indulging, non diabetics eating . . .

I have to say that I agree that people need to learn to accept the fact that 
other people may be able to eat junk in huge quantities and not worry, even 
if they shouldn't.  It will happen until there is a cure, unfortunately.  
However, I also agree that  the parents shouldn't always be the ones tearing 
into the candy bags.  I guess it's a complicated issue . . .I hate it when 
my mother and stepfather DON'T eat things that they want just because I 
can't have as much of it, or whatever, because I know they understand and I 
feel bad that they are depriving themselves for my sake.  On the other hand, 
I get angry when my dad and stepmom buy bags of donuts and cakes and candies 
and stash them all over and eat ice cream by the half gallons right out of 
the box, in front of me because they never cared in the first place.  I 
guess it depends . . . --Gianna

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