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Re: [IP] BIG Bumps!! HELP!!

> Thanks for the quick replies!
>         Michael, thanks for the idea about the rapids.  We were
>         trying to 
> hold out a bit before trying.  Not sure if we're too keen on the
> needle staying in and the inablity to disconnect.  That option was
> discussed, but not yet implemented.  Maybe it's time to try.  :-(

I didn't propose it as a long term solution, just one that is 
guaranteed to be different, with no "plastic" inside his body. If it 
works, then is the time to experiment with all the other alternatives 
until you find one suitable. The simplest alternatives are the ones 
to try first, not necessarily the best ones. As an engineer, I always 
want to identify the problem first before trying to fix it. Since the 
bumps occur after the set is removed, I'd give the insulin and even 
chance with the sets as being the problem.

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