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[IP] ketosis

I just read a fiction book where a girl who's been diabetic for years
decides that she's too fat, so takes less insulin so she'll have ketones
and lose weight.  Now I was diagnosed as a 20-year-old in long-onset Type
I so I don't have experience with ketones and I'd like to understand this.
I thought that you couldn't lose weight just by stopping insulin, because
you'd mostly lose lean body mass, muscle, and also lots of water.  You
don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but has anyone actually tried
to do this, maybe when they were in their rebellious teens?  Probably lots
of you were diagnosed as kids in ketosis-- doesn't this happen so quickly
that you end up in the hospital?  I thought that you didn't have *time* to
burn fat anyway because you hurt your body so much and get sick so
quickly.  I've had ketones a couple times when I've gone running
strenuously-- I guess burning fat.  Does anyone really understand
ketoacidosis? It's something I've never experienced and hope I never will,
but I'd like to understand it.

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