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Re: [IP] re: Megan, 11 days of highs, Amy

Hello Megan and Amy, I'm not going to bother clipping from messages because 
they're too long, but I was just thinking . . .it seems like there is a 
trend here among the 16-17 yr olds having major bg problems these last weeks 
. . .it's soooooo frustrating.  Megan, I sort of agree with michael about 
going back on the pump because there are alot less variables to figure out . 
. .i know how you feel though . . .before I started pumping my NPH had just 
quit working, for no apparent reason, numbers ALL over the place, really 
high, etc. etc. then my first three weeks pumping were beyond great, then a 
week or two of highs with no success bringing them down.  Eventually figured 
out I was getting a cold and my period the same weeks, plus wasn't square 
waving enough for fats.  Lots of problems, VERY frustrating and wondering 
why this was better than shots.  I guess I was lucky that I figured out the 
problems, and I REALLY hope that you guys figure out what's up and get 
better!!!!  Wishing you very very Good luck, gianna

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