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Re: [IP] BIG Bumps!! HELP!!

Thanks for the quick replies!
        Michael, thanks for the idea about the rapids.  We were trying to 
hold out a bit before trying.  Not sure if we're too keen on the needle 
staying in and the inablity to disconnect.  That option was discussed, but 
not yet implemented.  Maybe it's time to try.  :-(

        Ginny, we are using straight Humalog.

        Ellen, we insert very similarly to you.  We wash and dry the area, 
and then we use IV Prep.  We put down a Tegaderm, and insert through that, 
then we put an IV3000 with a hole cut out over that.  If not, the sites tend 
to peel up.  We thought about an allergy to something on the surface, but the 
skin itself (surface) seems fine.  The bump comes from deep underneath and is 
kind of like a hard ball...always where the canula was.

        Bob, thanks for your suggestion of the daily site changing.  I 
definitely would keep this as a last resort.  I think it might be too hard on 
him changing every day like that, but if we end up having to do that to keep 
him pumping, I'm sure he would agree.

    Well, thanks again for everyone's help....I'm going to get in touch with 
the endo tomorrow.  I printed out all of your responses so we have some 
things to discuss.....MUCH appreciation!

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