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Re: [IP] Been High For 11 Days Now

In a message dated 10/5/99 10:26:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I am so frustrated with this all. I have already missed a whole 
 week of school. I am just looking to see if anyone has had this problem. 
 Thanks for listening.
 Megan >>

Megan:  Since the other insulins aren't helping either, you should be happy 
to know it was probably not the Humalog or the Pump.  Something else is going 
on, obviously, and I hope you figure it out.  My son Stephen is 12 (13 
tomorrow) and has occasional weeks where he is at 200-350, then goes back to 
normal.  It is very frustrating to me as well.  Sometimes we found that it 
was the insulin.  We once opened and tried 3 bottles of NPH before his 
numbers would come down.  Good luck.  
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