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[IP] Hang in there

Megan and Amy (and any one else this might apply to)

Hang in there!!!  (((((HUGS)))))  

I've been frustrated with my pump as well.  When I start in on the
frustration thing, after I call a friend (or three), I write down all the
reasons I should keep pumping:
1. Although I have problems, I do not do the bouncing thing like I did on
MDI.  Now if I'm not doing well, if I'm high I usually just stay high and
don't respond to bolus/injections, or I'm running low and it keeps
happening or if I do go high afterwards, I rarely go right back to low.  On
MDI I would be low then high then low then high, all in a matter of
hours.While just having H in me has it dangers, it DEFINATELY has advantages.

2.  How would taking off the pump really help me?  There is no way I could
vary the amounts of insulin I get at specific times if I was on MDI.  I
might need to fine tune my basals, but that is something I can't do on MDI

3.  Is it the pump or diabetes I'm really mad at?  Did I have similar type
problems on MDI?  Were they often worse?

4.  Does wearing the pump bother me?  For me this answer is no, Jude is a
part of me like my glasses are (I wear contacts during the day, but I can't
stand not being able to see the second I open my eyes, so I sleep with my
glasses on most of the time).  I know others have had problems with
infusion sites, but as far as infections/painful sites go, I haven't had
any problems.

5.  What possibilities are there to try to solve this problem on the pump?
What would the posiblities be on shots?  I always come up with way more
possible solutions when I list out things for Jude.

My answer has always been "KEEP JUDE!"  I hate diabetes, and sometimes it
feels it needs to express that to me more than other times.

Hang in there!

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