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Re:[IP] more parental fuming

I high school I ran distance and swam (distance was my favorite there too,
but I also swam butterfly).  I also played soccor my junior year (somewhat,
most of the season I was very sick with undx'ed diabetes).  Keep in mind
this was on 2 injections daily.  Immediately after my dx (like on the ride
between the dr office and the hospital), Mom layed down the law.  I could
participate in any sport I wanted BUT if I choose to play soccor and it was
the same coach, I would not be allowed to practice or play in any game
without her (or a responsible adult she designated) being present.  This
coach refused to sub out teammates who were having asthma attacks and
begging to get off the field (the ref called a time out, and the mother was
storming onto the field).  That was a norm for practices and games.  Our
team became known for that.  The rest of my coaches were wonderful (and I'm
not a nice person to deal with when I'm low, but after they called my mom
and found out that was normal for me, they just ignored my comments).  My
one swim coach especially noticed things (I guess my right arm drags a
little when I start to go low).  For running, my rhythm would often get to
be "off" if I was going low before I started to feel it.  Once the coaches
knew these things, they knew to look for them and felt more comfortable
with me.  I was the one who talked to my coaches (well they did ask my mom
if it was normal for me to be SO unpleasent when I was low).  Show them
that you/Ryan knows when he can play and will tell you if he can't.

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