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Re: [IP] re Insulin Pumpers web site

WHo is Michael referred to below??  I am new to the site.  Please advise.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano
Mother of Laura, age 6, dx 12/21/98

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>Subject: [IP] re Insulin Pumpers web site
>Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 18:14:22 EDT
>Dear Mr. Hoese:
>I am a member of the Insulin Pumpers Internet Group which has recently
>solicited Minimed for some corporate financial support.  I have worn a
>Minimed pump for almost 7 years and am even a stock holder...so, yes, I 
>a personal "investment" in the pump.
>Having had diabetes for 26 years, I have lived most of my life without a
>support group of people with whom I can share my troubles, my good days, my
>concerns, my experiences, and my "vents."  Medical professionals, such as
>doctors and nurses, don't "get" it.  Parents, family and friends have their
>own problems and as much as they say they "care," they don't want to hear
>about the daily trivialities of living with diabetes...and even the Minimed
>help line can't always solve some problems.
>I found InsulinPumpers two years ago, and can honestly say that, next to
>being able to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream and still wake up the next
>morning with a blood sugar of 125, IP has been the best thing to happen to
>diabetes since the pump.  Thanks to Michael and the web site I can ask
>questions, voice concerns, discuss reasons why something hasn't worked, 
>my expertise, and even wax poetical on why Diabetes does or does not suck.
>While I wait for my CDE to page my endo, ask him a question when he
>eventually calls in, then call me back with an answer or suggestion, but 
>misses me and has to leave a message on my answering machine...I can post 
>question on IP and get back 4 or 5 suggestions within a few minutes...day 
>night!  Not that IP has replaced my doctor altogether (though the 
>wisdom is certainly much greater), but at the "nth" hour and you need help,
>IP is there.  When you just want to "chat" there is even a web site where 
>can "talk" in real time.  If you want to do research on diabetes, there is 
>search engine and links to useful sites all around the world.
>As a very specific example as to how IP is necessary, I was hospitalized 
>year out of town.  I was told I was going to have stomach surgery so I had
>someone post a question to the list:  "where could I put the pump?" In less
>than an hour, I had 5 calls from virtual "friends" across the country 
>me suggestions.  One person even faxed me the diagram of the body showing
>which parts were good.  I ended up using my leg, and my blood sugars stayed
>between 130 and 190 despite the hospitals best attempts to kill me!  About 
>hours after I came out of surgery, my endo in NYC called, in response to my
>earlier page...but by then the point was moot.  I have since been able to
>share my experiences, and how to maintain sugars when faced with IV 
>drips, hospital food and some stone age nurse who doesn't know a hypo from 
>hole in the wall.
>IP has opened up a new world to many people...there are some skinny folks 
>the list, who never ever considered using a silhouette because their CDE
>showed them only the sof-set.  Thanks to the list, they now know about the
>silhouette which is usually more comfortable for skinny people...Other 
>of the trade, hints and suggestions are there for the asking, or the
>searching - the archives are full of information...but possibly most
>important...the humor, love and support that we all desperately need at the
>most inconvenient times....did you know we have created a list of 101 uses
>for extra tubing? we consider ourselves part of the Borg collective, as we
>have been assimilated...we name our pumps and we dress them up in handmade,
>sequined and feathered cases..and on and on.  Parents at wit's end, college
>students faced with stress, pregnant ladies, even the carb count in certain
>bodily fluids are all discussed in an open, free-flowing exchange of words.
>We post about new advances in technology and cheer on Nicole Johnson.  We
>post names and addresses of congress people who have let us down and of 
>who are in need of letters of support.  We voice our insurance woes and 
>each other out as if we all lived in the same, small Midwestern town back 
>the 1950s!  One lady in Texas lost her daughter's insurance, and several
>people sent supplies so her child could continue using the pump and living 
>relatively normal life until insurance could be reestablished.
>I live in NYC...millions of people, but living with diabetes makes you feel
>awfully alone sometimes.  IP makes us feel like we are not alone.  I have
>met, LIVE, at least a dozen of the IP members -- and "they" say only 
>hang out on the web!  I had a pumper from England stay with me recently; I
>met another from Canada last year, and have gone to Disneyland with another
>while in LA.  I even dated one IP member's brother who lives near me, even
>though the IP member lives 1000 miles away!
>I have fostered REAL friendships and gained REAL insight, not just 
>  IP is an important part of my life, not just as a pancreatically 
>individual.  IP was made possible by the insulin pumps we all wear (or a
>loved one wears), and Minimed made the insulin pump possible.  We offer
>consumer based analysis of the various pumps available, we effect change in
>the design of pumps....we were asking about vibrating pumps two years
>ago....and what is one of the features of the new 508?  Our web site offers
>links and unbiased information for everything available to us as diabetics
>and consumers.
>For these reasons, and many more, I think Minimed ought to consider
>supporting our web site in any way you can!  I am sure Michael would be
>grateful, and I know the members would.  As a gesture, I have already made 
>monetary donation to Michael, and I hope Minimed can do the same
>Sara Falconer
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