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[IP] indulging

been reading the halloween candy thread and someone wrote:

< If you like candy, indulge behind his back so he
< doesn't feel he is missing something.>

to which Nancy replied
> I really have to disagree with this statement.  If you have 
> diabetes, it is a fact of life that non-diabetic folk are going to be 
> able to indulge in certain types of food in greater quantity and 
> more often.  

I agree with Nancy, on one level but the other person as well.  As a parent, 
I don't think it would be very nice to rip open a three muskateers bar in 
front of a diabetic child, while handing the child an apple.."oh here, you 
can't have candy, but *I can.  Here, you defective person you, take this nice 
juicy healthy apple...."  which is kinda what my parents did to me....

Parent: You can't have ice cream
ME age 12:  then why do we have it in the house?
Parent:  no one else in the house is a diabetic
Me age 12: yeah, but *I* am not the one who could stand to LOSE 50 pounds!!!

I sure don't advocate that the parent sneak around and eat the candy...cuz 
the minute the kid goes out the front door, there are gonna be 45 bazillion 
people out there ripping open candy wrappers with complete and utter lack of 
compassion for the poor unfortnate diabetic...The parent MUST teach the trade 
offs and how to compensate with the proper amounts of insulin...any parent 
who is too lazy to do that is cruel and wrong IN MY OPINION as always, at 
least  in this day and age of instantaneous bg monitors and humalog.

If you just did't raise your kids around crappy food, that is one thing - i 
certainly applaud ellen for her success....wish my parents had done that, 
rather than have "forbidden" foods laying about..."do as I say, not as i do" 
didn't work for me

ON THE OHER HAND...ya gotta live and you gotta survive...and you have to do 
what you need to do!  I was recently stage manager for a show here in NYC and 
the actors have to eat cake throughout the show..."white cake with pink 
icing" per the playwright.  For rehearsals, I provided rice cakes, the yucky 
plain kind, at the request of the actors who didn't want to get fat.  Then 
when the show opened, I moved to Angel food, which as we all know is 
practically fat free, and better than say, pound cake or even white 
cake...Most of the actors were ok with it - the demands of the show, 
professionalism blah blah blah, but ONE actor wanted me to try and find a 
SUGAR FREE one!! She doesn't "like" sugar....PLEASE....yeah right - that was 
NOT in the budget of time or money.  So she griped and I ignored her.

In a similar vein, I would bring motivational snacks every once in a while.  
having been an actor, I know how welcome a little sweet treat can be just 
before curtain, so I'd bring gummy worms, or cookies, and being a nice stage 
manager, for a while I tried to find sugar free  alternatives for Molly - 
pretzels, fruit, nuts...But I can get a box of fruit roll ups for $1.99 and 
have enough for 8 people, it isn't as cost effecient to buy fruit or nuts 
JUST for her, and this came out of my personal money, not show budget...so 
finally I said, hell with it and brought my cheap, sugar laden snacks, which 
everyone elsse adored!  She CHOSE not to eat sugar - she is not diabetic - 
she will have to make her own way in the world, just as I have.  Th eonly 
difference is that I never had the choice.  As a kid and had to take the nice 
healthy juicy apple while everyone else had cake...

who hopes she never ever sees another angel food cake
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