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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #529

Bob, first of all, Michael and I have both been very clear about "no strings
attached" sponsorship when soliciting funds.  $20,000 is hard to come by and
for future larger projects, we need more $$$.  What I've proposed thus far
is a thank you/donor page and a monthly "thanks to our sponsors" email.  All
discussions/control of the website remains in Michael's hands.  If we want
to slam a pharmacy or an insurance company or a pump manufacturer, we will.
No strings/no guarantees, just give us $$$!

While we are obviously all wary - think of the millions of sites you visit
each day with ad banners posted across the top.  Do they interfere with your
use of a search engine? With sending email?  IP needs money - that's the
bottom line... if the member's had been more giving at the getgo, I'd be
inclined to agree with you, but the response has been pitiful.

Second, for a hoot (since y'all were so kind and endearing about what IP
means, I felt like taking the other approach with minimed): (By the way, the
rest of the responses sent to the list WERE also sent to minimed, right???)
If you want cold hard facts of a cost-return analysis, sure I will give one.
I will complete ignore the image of a cold hearted corporation who refuses
to give in any philanthropic sense, even if it is a mere $5,000 in the grand
scheme of things.

1.  It's tax deductable.
2.  Stats:  1700 members.  Are all pumpers?  Of course not!  Many are
diabetics who are *NOT* pumping.  The IP list is a lifetime advertisement
for pumps.  People say they "are checking it out" and what happens is the
pumpers that ARE on the list say things like "It changed my life, you
couldn't pry it out of my hands."  People ask about their fears - the things
holding them back from writing a $5,000 check to your company.  What about
sex?  What about exercise?  What about constant hypos?  What about being
ATTACHED to something?  Does it hurt?  No, really, does it hurt?

Now who do you think these potential customers are listening to... your well
trained pump rep, with his pocket full of facts and shiny brochures?  Or
your existing customers, the ones who are inclined to support any company,
but can tell it like it is?

We are a 24 hour Q&A service for potential customers.

Consider if a mere 10% of the list are non-pumpers "thinking" about it.  And
due to the nature of our pumpers (you've got minimed folks on the list, so
you should know that we are very gung ho about loving our pumps), 80% decide
to get one.  Not based on the shiny brochures, but because someone who could
tell it like it is answered their "doubts."  Now, following the general
scheme of pump distribution - let's say 75% of THOSE folks decide on

So we have .75 *.8 * .1 * 1700 = 68 new minimed customers = $340,000 of
increased sales.

You have already been receiving customers through our site free of cost -
now we are simply asking you to pay for that service.  Of course, nothing
will change without support, but don't you think potential customers will be
curious as to why minimed doesn't support the site, but animas does?  Don't
you think that shows perhaps that Animas might be a little more customer
oriented as opposed to bang for the buck oriented?

By contributing to the site, you will be recognized in a page with company
names and descriptions.  Each company will be restricted onto number of
words and logo size as to make all sponsors look "equivalent."  There will
be some kind of "level" of sponsorship based on
the monetary amount donated.

In addition, a monthly message will be sent to the list "with thanks to our
sponsors," where a company may choose (word limited) a description or
whatever they choose.   Perhaps even a "thanks to spreading the word about
how great pumping life is!"

Bottom line is that you don't HAVE to contribute to receive new customers
via our 24 hour Q&A "become a pumper" list - you are already receiving
in this manner.  The IP list is what tipped me over the edge in deciding to
a minimed customer.

In a marketing standpoint, this seemed like a no-brainer - happy customers
returning customers.  A company that doesn't support it users may experience
high "turnover" rate to Animas or Diestronic.

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