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Re: [IP] BIG Bumps!! HELP!!

> Our CDE
> called MiniMed and they told her they only heard of one or two cases
> of this and they suspect an allergy to the teflon canula. 

There have been several reports of similar problems over the years. I 
suggest you try the process of elimination to see if your endo's 
suspicions are correct. Try a bent needle for a week or so or get 
samples of the Disetronic "rapid" which looks something like a sofset 
but is smaller and has a steel needle. The ones with the quick 
release are not yet available in the US (I don't think???). These 
are used by several smaller kids because not a lot of "meat" is 
needed to do the insert. You need to eliminate the possiblity of 
reaction to the cannula. If it turns out to NOT solve the problem, 
the next avenue would be to switch from Humalog to Velosulin to see 
if he is reacting to the insulin.

You should be able to get good answers to these questions in a couple 
of weeks of trials 

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