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[IP] BIG Bumps!! HELP!!

Hi Group,
        I really need some input here.  My son Steven is 9 yrs old and has 
been pumping since May.  Once back in July, he developed a large bump about 
the size of a quarter right where his canula had been.  It was after his site 
had been changed and actually developed the next day.  It was determined that 
it was not an infection (no pus, redness, heat, or fever) and with warm 
compresses it went away in about 10 days.  Things were fine.  Now it seems 
for the past 3 weeks or so, almost every site we remove has this type of 
bump.  Our CDE called MiniMed and they told her they only heard of one or two 
cases of this and they suspect an allergy to the teflon canula.  The 
suggestion from MiniMed and our Endo was to apply hydrocortisone cream 
immediately upon removal of a site.  This seemed to work for a couple of 
sites (about 2) and now it's back.  These bumps develop within 24 hours of 
removing the canula and the bump is underneath the skin.  It's hard and about 
the size of a quarter.  Warm compresses and hydrocortisone help and make it 
go away faster (say in about 3 to 5 days rather than the first one which took 
10 days to clear), but I don't know how long we can continue with this!  The 
bumps hurt (he says not a lot, but they hurt) and I feel really bad for him.  
We're really at a loss as to what it actually is (like I said, MiniMed and 
the endo are just suspecting the canula....no definites) and I'm wondering if 
anyone out there may have heard of this or experienced this.  These bumps are 
seriously affecting which sites we can use as we wait for them to dissolve, 
and believe me on a 4ft 9in 68lb child there are NOT an abundance of places 
to work with anyway! <grin>.   We change our sites faithfully every 48 hours, 
so we are not leaving them in too long and that has been ruled out as a 
cause....ANY input would be SINCERELY appreciated!

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