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Re: [IP] Pumpers' website & list

At 04:07 PM 10/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Hoese:
>For the sake of your own bottom line, you ought to support the list.
>And you ought to support it for the good will it will earn you among
>hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of men, women and children who will
>connected quite literally to your company for the rest of their lives.
>Susan Ager

Fellow list members:
Please permit me to point out that there is another side to this coin.  So
long as the expenses for the list come from the members of the list who are
also those that profit from the list then our immunity from control or
influence by outsiders is complete.

If, however, we solicit funds from well meaning companies or groups we will
immediately become influenced by that largess.  It will not be overt (I
presume) but it will be there.  Our independence, our even handedness will
become suspect and we could ultimately degenerate into an extension of a
corporation or a medical organization.  

I value this list as much as any and I want it to continue.  I have
contributed money and will contribute more if necessary.  I would be loath
to solicit funds from others outside the list.  It opens a door that, once
ajar, is impossible to close.

I p[ray you will give this point of view careful consideration.  Nothing I
am saying is intended to give offence.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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