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[IP] Pumpers' website & list

Dear Mr. Hoese:

I am a 45-year-old woman who has had Type I diabetes for 35 years, since I
was 10 years old.

I've been using a MiniMed 507c since June 8 of this year -- almost four

About a week before starting the pump, I discovered the Insulin Pumpers
website and mailing list, and have read it two or three times daily every
day since.

In the early days, I would have thrown my 507c against the wall without the
reassurances of the IP group. Yes, your wonderful support staff would have
helped with technical details, but not, I know, with more thorny questions
about the sneaky effects of fish fry dinners.

My endocrinologist, not himself diabetic, had no notion of the daily
challenges of pump use. The CDE in his office, while helpful, was on most
days impossible to reach by phone or e-mail.

Most days, my only support was the IP list and the excellent how-tos on the

Since I started pumping in June, I have recommended MiniMed pumps to three
of my friends, all of whom have started on the pumps, and begun to rely on
the list, too.

Nearly every day, testimonials are posted about your company and its
customer service people -- as well as fanstasies about future pumps we'd
like to see.

Nearly every day, someone having trouble with a MiniMed pump is given tips
on how to make it work right -- or encouraged to call for help or a quick

Nearly every day, some pumper ready to quit in frustration is reassured to
hang in there, given tips on how to improve their BG numbers, or the ease of
their insertions.

And nearly every day, people with diabetes who are merely curious about
pumping log on, read informative, inspirational and sometimes amusing
postings and conclude that, yep, a pump is for them, too.

For the sake of your own bottom line, you ought to support the list.

And you ought to support it for the good will it will earn you among
hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of men, women and children who will
connected quite literally to your company for the rest of their lives.


Susan Ager
Detroit Free Press
600 W. Fort
Detroit MI 48226
FAX 313.222.5397

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