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Re:[IP] more parental fuming

Well, I am not a parent, but I am former athlete, and helped with some
coaching when my younger sister played softball, so I have some
experience with both sides. I know what you mean about it being
difficult to have intelligent conversations with some of them! However,
I have encountered a few good ones too, so there is hope :) The
following are a few suggestions, do with them what you will (as I said,
I'm not a parent...)
-I don't know your child, but since he is diabetic and on a pump I am
guessing that he is fairly responsible kid. Has Ryan talked to the coach
himself about this? I always found that coaches respected me for coming
to them myself with a problem, rather than having my parents do it for
me. Since he is only 11 they may not pay attention, but you could always
send dad in later if needed. Perhaps Ryan could tell the coaches that
they could contact you if they have doubts or don't quite understand
what he is telling them. Of course if Ryan is not comfortable with this,
then it maybe is not the best plan... Maybe have Ryan and dad go in
together-Ryan can do the talking and dad can back him up/answer
-Also, regardless of who talks to the coach, they will probably
appreciate it if you already have some kind of "plan" in mind, rather
than just saying, "ryan should get to play more". Perhaps he could play
for an additional minute each day, or every other day. As long as he
doesn't have any problems, he gets to play a little longer each day.
Then after a week or two, he would be rotating in just like the other
kids. Just be flexible if the coach has a different plan in mind.
-You could point out that Ryan has got the diabetes thing more under
control now that the schedule is figured out (after all, they aren't
seeing you at practice every day anymore are they?)
-Above all, don't make it sound like an attack on the coaches for not
letting him play more. From their view, they might see it as "I have
already had to make exceptions for this child, and they are still mad at
me, why should I bother?"
Hope any of this is helpful...
Laura, wife to Shane the soon-to-be pumper
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