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[IP] re: Megan, 11 days of highs

Hi Megan...
 I've been pumpign 3 months with pure humalog, had a
lot of probs, but nothing like the last two weeks.
Since a week ago last friday, i've been to the local
doctor 3 times. First time they started me on
cephalexin (?) saying i had a urinary tract infection
froma  urine sample, then the monday said it was gone,
so I stopped the meds...the first few days my bg had
been 200s or so, some ketones and upset stomach and
peeing a lot. After monday when i stopped the meds
things just got worse. Terrible stomach pain, in my
back as well half the time, ridiculously high
bg...last few days been in 300s-400s, and feeling
worse. WEnt back to doc yesterday, they are assuming
the uti never went away, or it got worse, or some
other internal infection is going on..anyhow, last
night i was ready to give up my pump for aw eek or two
to stabilize things and called 3 people for support
and none could help...after 8 pm I know no local
pumpers to call, boy was I in tears!!! i took my pump
off, my dad was out and came home and would NOT let me
go back to shots, I was in so much pain and saw NO
reason to be attached to a thing in which all of my
infusion sites hurt, after 3 months and i seem to be
the only one consistently having site pain wherever i
insert sof sets or sils, and my bg were off the chart.
I wanted to do shots so i could get a break from
pumping, hopes maybe not being attached to something
in my stomach would ease the pain..Not like it really
would, so it's internal, and b/c i didn't feel safe on
humalog, since i kept going over 300 and i have no
backup insulin in me...so first real experience with
the pump and sick days, and i'd say it's hell. since
the weekend been seriously considering shots for a
week or two so that things can "stabliize"...but i was
never really stable on shots.. i felt so alone last
night and all and the endo didn't want me going back
to shots..as my local doc said, she wants to find the
underlying cause..should know in a few days, and the
anitbiotics (different, stronger) seem to be working
now, but i have yet to eat a normal diet..had an upset
stomach so long i'm eating lite...I am not loving my
pump, and maybe my beliefs will change soon when the
infection is gone..(oh yeah, the doc also told me if
the antibiotics don't work, we go to plan B--which
Does NOT exist:-(  and last antibiotics i felt better
for 2 days and things got a lot worse, so now isn't a
fair judgment but i hope whatever it is is being
worked out. i definitely agree the pump is a lot more
work, and first experiences are awful..called Mm and
they couldn't help...sorry, but at least they know
pumps family docs don't, ok, but today i'm in the 200s
with a million corrections, not as upset as yesterday
b/c i'm not in as much pain and 200s are much much
better than 350-400s. Although i do NOT want an a1c at
my next endo's appt next month..had one when all this
crap started it was 6.8, and the past few days will
have raised it bunches. I guess i got off topic, and i
do keep hearing the pump is not for everyone..and i
hate the excuse, well eat more and get fat then site's
won't hurt, but i want the pump to work. Finally
trying something new, I have had a site survive THREE
whole days!!!yippeee!~!i'm leaving it in as long as i
can, haven't ever gotten more than 3 days, but had so
many probs why mess with one thing that's actually
working?!? but it will be maybe one more day b/c of
the infection or whatever my dose is almost what it
wsa on shots...
 i think shots would be easier for me now and less
stress, but no one supported me doing that..i'm glad i
called my dad instead of just taking a shot of lente
to lower me and it's not helpful when you can't get
help on the phone or don't know who else to call or
someone who's been there done that..oh yeah, couldn't
get online last night to talk to anyone for over 2
hours..but... it's life. im' not happy with thep ump
now, but neither am i with this disease or the
terrible pain in my stomach..tomorrow's another day:-)
 ..and think i could have waited 3 months for a 508!!!

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