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Re: [IP] Been High For 11 Days Now

> My name is Megan. I have only been on the pump for 6 weeks. I was
> doing great until 11 days ago. My blood sugars were running high all
> day and night. We were bolusing every 2 hours to get me down.  My
> basal rates were increasing and finally on Wednesday my basal rates
> were up to what an adult male uses on average.  My Endo and nurse
> can't figure it out. On Wednesday I was disconnected from the pump.
> I am on injections right now until we get this figured out.

I'd suggest getting your pump back ASAP. There are a number of 
potential reasons for running high, each which can be tested in a 
fairly simple manner. It is not unusual for an adolsecent to have 
changing insulin demands. Possible reasons

Monthly mensus -- you get high the week before and need additional 
insulin until the day or so after it starts. Even if you do not yet 
menstrate, at your age you will track the cycle of your mother or 
other women with whom you live quite closely and the insulin demands 
will go up and down in sync (got a 16 year old that does that).

Cold or other infection comming on -- bg's will run high prior to the 
onset of symptoms -- quite normal

Growth spurt -- insulin reguirements may go ups as much as 50% for 
several weeks or more. -- masked completely while on MDI

Site problems or insulin sensitivity -- not as likely, but there are 
a number of list members with these problems. Controlled use of 
alternate insulins can quickly confirm or dispell this.

I'm sure there are other things as well, that's all I can think of at 
the moment.

Get your pump back and your list mates will walk you through the 

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