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[IP] more parental fuming

Ryan has been pumping since march 15,99. he started
football in september, practice every day after school
for 2 hours.  the first 2 weeks of the new schedule
were a nightmare. I stayed at practice every day,
until we could figure out how to keep from swinging
way high or low.  The coaches tolerated my
presence,but boy did he get a lot of dirty looks when
he stopped running sprints to drink juice or water,
check bg, etc. Now after a month, we sort of have it
figured out; but the coaches are afraid to let him
play more than 5 min at a time. At first, they didnt
want him to be different, now they won't let him be
the same as the other kids, btw, there are only 15
kids on the entire team, so only 4 kids wait out at a
time. Ry is almost always out.  my husband is going to
have to talk to the coaches, i don't think i can keep
my emotions under control to have an intelligent
conversation w/them. is this possible with coaches
under any circumstances any way?

Rae, Ryan's mom, 11, pumping 6 months


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