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Re: [IP] trigger fingers

To add my experience with trigger fingers to Carole and Susan's --   I have 
also had several operations for them (5), as well as a lot of cortisone 
injections.  I have 2 fingers in which I had injections (one I had 5 
injections in over a period of years) that have not given me problems in 
years (close to 10).  On the other hand, one of the fingers that was operated 
on has had recurring problems.  My last operation was in 1992, and since that 
time I have had only 1 injection -- nowadays I find I can usually get out of 
the acute stage with exercise, manipulating the finger open and closed 
several times every time it hurts (sometimes I have to hold it under hot 
water to do this, or use my paraffin bath)  It has taken as long as 3 weeks 
of pretty painful stuff on occasion to get out of it, but except for that 1 
time it has gotten better eventually, without the pain and inconvenience of 
the operation nor the blood sugar problems of the injections.  During the 
period I was having the injections I found my bg went up the second day and 
stayed up 2 weeks, which I compensated for by raising premeal shots by a 
ratio of 5 to 8 and increasing long acting shots 20%.
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