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[IP] Insulin pumpers website and news list


I am writing to address the question of the benefit of the Insulin
Pumpers website and news list to MiniMed.

Firstly,  when I began my research about the pump last spring, the
results of my online search gave me a link to the Insulin Pumpers site. 
>From this website, I was able to link to your website and find out
information as well as request an InfoPak.  I began pumping on Aug. 6
with the MiniMed 507c.  In addition to being my first line of
information about pumps and pump therapy, the users support group has
been an invaluable resource to me for obtaining first-hand knowledge as
well as solutions to situations which come up in everyday life but are
often overlooked in initial pump training.  I have almost always found
some information to questions which I have formulated as I became more
accustomed to my pump either on the digest list or in the archived
information.  I would think that a better informed  pump user leads to a
more confident pump user.  Lack of confidence and difficulty handling
new situations is often a reason people give up pump therapy.  There
have been quite a few times when discouraged and frustrated pump users
have turned to the group for support and answers.  It is my belief that
this resource keeps alot of folks pumping successfully.  Please consider
a donation to this group as an investment in your current and future
pump users.

Best Regards,

Nancy Edenfield
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