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[IP] Chemstrips


Fortunately, I know have insurance that covers my test trips (and pump 
supplies, too), but for many years, I had to buy my own test trips.  I 
checked around quite a bit and found that the least expensive route was 
by mail order.  In the back of the Diabetes Forecast magazine (published 
by the American Diabetes Association and sent to all members of ADA), 
there is a "Shopper's Guide" with advertisements from a number of mail 
order companies.  Many ads list the prices of test strips and other 
supplies so that you can easily compare prices to what you pay at your 
corner drug store.  I have had very good experience with a number of 
the companies that advertise in DF.  My favorite is GEM, Inc. (800-793-
1995), but I have also been very satisfied with Diabetic Promotions 
(800-433-1477) and Diabetic Express (800-338-4656).  If you live in a 
state where you have to pay sales tax on strips, buying from an out-of-
state company eliminates this and the shipping charges are inexpensive.  
I don't have a current copy of Diabetes Forecast in front of me right 
now, but it seems like the last time I looked at prices, the One Touch 
strips were about $58 for 100.  Since many different strips are listed, 
you can also see how much you can save by switching to a different 

Good luck with everything.


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