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Re: [IP] Been High For 11 Days Now

   Wish I could give you some advice that will resolve this, but since I 
can't, I'll just send you some cyber {{{HUGS}}}....My daughter Melissa is the 
one who got your friend Samantha R. in Massachusetts started on a pump, so 
we've got a lot of pump experience "stored up" - although none that's 
applicable to what you're unfortunately dealing with...However, you've come 
to the right place to get HELP - lots of it!!!..hang in there- with the 
collective wisdom of all these experienced pumpers frequenting this IP 
website, you're sure to come up with some workable solutions!..hang in 
there....you've encountered a much steeper "learning curve" than most....I'm 
also forwarding your post on to my daughter's CDE - whom we refer to as the 
"guru" & asking for his input too!

Regards, Renee (pump-mom/coach to Melissa)
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