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[IP] Been High For 11 Days Now

My name is Megan. I have only been on the pump for 6 weeks. I was doing great 
until 11 days ago. My blood sugars were running high all day and night. We 
were bolusing every 2 hours to get me down.  My basal rates were increasing 
and finally on Wednesday my basal rates were up to what an adult male uses on 
average.  My Endo and nurse can't figure it out. On Wednesday I was 
disconnected from the pump. I am on injections right now until we get this 
figured out.  I am still having problems. We think maybe the Humalog is not 
touching my sugars. I was taking Humalog for 3 years before I went on the 
pump and had no problem. Has anyone else had a problem like this. The thing 
now is that I am still running high and the regular isn't working very well. 
It seems to me that my Ultralente stops working at 8 hours instead of 12.  We 
are not sure what is going on. I am going back on the pump in hopefully 2 
weeks. I have gone to the doctor to see if I am sick or anything and I am not 
sick at all. They ran tests to see what my white blood cell count was and 
everything. I am so frustrated with this all. I have already missed a whole 
week of school. I am just looking to see if anyone has had this problem. 
Thanks for listening.

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