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[IP] trigger fingers

<< and 4
 surgeries on my hands (carpal tunnel and trigger fingers). >>

I'm just curious about your post.  I know what carpal tunnel is, I've done
computer work for years, desktop publishing.  But the problem I have with my
hands is not being able to make a fist with either one.  Several fingers are
so stiff they only bend  about 20% of the way down into a fist position. Or
worse, they bend farther with a pop that is very painful and the only way to
release them it to take the other hand and pull them back open, doing the
painful pop a second time.  Is this what "trigger fingers" is?, or is it
something completely different?  Is it more prevalent in diabetics or an
ergonomics issue from the years of typing?


Jeanie, let me add my 2 cents, too:
I've had trigger-finger surgery on 6 of my 8 non-thumb fingers (I'm sure
there's a more scientific name for them!) What you describe is exactly them.
And, as Carole reported in an earlier post, cortisone worked for me only
temporarily. The pain for me was excruciating; the surgery fixed each finger
very quickly, and now my hands work fine. (I also had surgery for
DuPuytrun's contracture -- a bending of a finger without the locking/popping
of trigger finger -- and DeQuervain's contracture, a tendonitis of the

My doctors tell me these are all complications of long-term diabetes but,
interstingly, I have no others (after 35 years of Type I), not even anything
in my eyes. So I must conclude I became vulnerable to these because I
write/type for a living, every day of my life since I was about 18.

My employer is taking it all very seriously, and has provided me with
voice-recognition software to use in lieu of typing, although i've found
that awkward and difficult.

Hang in there! I'd recommend the surgery.


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