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Re: [IP] carbs in protein?

Jeanie, this is an issue that really does require some more scientific
investigation, though I doubt it will be done.  But I'm not sure that your
explanation makes sense, since if you bolus for all the carbs you eat, why
should it matter if their digestion is slowed?  At worst you will go too
low in the short term, then get back to normal as the carbs get absorbed.
But the "nutrionists" say that this fat-induced delay will only be a few
hours, surely not overnight.
	I find that different protein affects my BG differently, with red
meat being the worst.  For a MickyD's quarter pounder I need to figure
about 30g equivalent for carbs, normally about 3 h later.  That's about a
ratio for carb equivalent of 25% of the meat weight.  Fish requires less
than half of that for me.   One thing also that is seldom talked about is
the insulin required for fat metabolism.  There is almost no immediate need
for any insulin when you eat fat, but many notice an effect many hours
later.  I think that this reflects the increased energy needs of the fat
cells, and these guys need insulin too.  This is another study that
probably won't get done.  So we've just got to rely on each other's
anecdotes and figure out what works best for ourselves.

<< wait, why wouldn't it be in meats?  I had to do it for the prim rib I ate
 last week too.  --gianna >>

>>>>>>>>>I''ve debated this issue with myself for several years since starting
pumping.  Is the high that hits 6-8 hours later because the protein has
carbs?  or because the high-fat in the meat slows the absorbtion of the other
carbs eaten with the meal?
Last month I've been a "good girl" most of the time and keeping to a
low-carb, low-fat, lotsa lettuce and veggies, and boiled chicken-type diet.
I've been eating a lot of salads for dinner, usually with chicken, and a
serving of fruit.  I've bolused for the carbs in the dressing and the fruit
(and nothing for the chicken) and my bgs are even and wonderful the next
morning.  However, on Saturday night we went out to eat and I ordered a
"diet" kinda of plate that included a broiled chicken breast, pan fried
potatoes (lots of fat), and corn (with lots of butter mixed in it).  I did
the same thing as usual and bolused for the potatoes and corn, and not the
chicken. My bg at start of dinner 7:00 was 90, at bed at 11:00 was 132.  By
morning I was at a whopping 275 (I hate that).  It was my conclusion that it
was not the chicken (Protein) that was doing it, but rather the fat slowing
the absorbtion of the other carbs. If it was the protein, my home dinners
that were low fat would do the same thing to bgs as the high-fat restaurant
I've also seen big bgs from prime rib the next morning, but think of the fat
in it.  That's why it tastes so good.

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